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Tuning instructions
for specific drums
in your kit!

Inexpensive can
still sound good!

1989 Ludwig Rocker (modified) Tuning Instructions for Snare DrumsTuning Instructions for TomsTuning Instructions for Kick Drums Tuning Section of the Forum


Calculator for
building your own
stave shell drum!

Roll your own
unique snare drum!

Stave Shell Drum Stave Drum Calculator DIY Olympics Section of the Forum


Our exclusive hybrid
concept kit!

Creating the best
of both worlds!

Hybrid Acoustic/Electronic Kit Hybrid Concept ArticleHybrid Concept Article


Refinishing tips
for your covered
acoustic kit!

Unmasking the true
identity of your kit!

Rhythm Traveler Drum RefinishingDrum Refinishing Refinishing Section of the Forum

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